Commercial Movers

We all agree that moving an entire business can at some point become a tricky business, and that’s why we are here to help you get through this tricky experience safe and without stress.

As commercial movers, Affordable Aliso Viejo Movers is the industry leader in providing the highest quality services at competitive prices. We want to cater to the needs of your business and your budget, ensuring that your office move or warehousing arrangement best suits your unique requirements and challenges. For over a century, our professionals have been providing unwavering quality service to businesses of all sizes, from small, privately-owned businesses to big companies.


Our experience, professional staff and moving equipment that is safe for handling your office or business. Affordable Aliso Viejo Movers have a wide variety of moving trucks and vans to fit your company`s and business specific moving needs. Our years of professional commercial moving have allowed us to create efficient procedures to help you with your entire move. When you hire an experienced, commercial office relocation company like Affordable Aliso Viejo Movers, you will be more assured that your business is moved quickly, safely and on budget, minimizing downtime while maximizing productivity. Expect quality service for your commercial move, we also provide a qualified team of experts; we plan your move in details so that it can be successful. We are commercial movers offering a wide range of solutions to our corporate customers for their specific needs. Our professional move team can relocate offices domestically and internationally, providing a host of services for seamless moves. In addition, we maintain over a million square feet of warehouse space to accommodate every storage need. Our warehouses are conveniently located all over the nation to best suit your storage needs. Our comprehensive commercial moving services range from internal office transfers to the relocation of employees and office furniture across town.

We try to use the greatest care when handling our customer’s essential items. Our professional trained employees are experts in everything from packing, relocating and unpacking professional offices and even retail stores, to medical offices and educational facilities.

Our team`s top priority is to meet our clients needs to ensure an efficient and painless relocation, installation or related services experience. Our experienced crew work together to determine a plan and execute it according to your needs, to ensure your project is completed without headaches.

The expertise and experience of our team enables us to be flexible and provide solutions quickly and effectively should any unexpected circumstances arise over the course of your move. Apart from that we are also the leader in providing the highest quality service at unbelievably competitive prices. We want to cater to the needs of your business and your budgets, ensuring that your office, warehouse or any other commercial property move best suits your unique requirements and challenges. This we have done over the years as our professionals have continued to provide unwavering quality services to business of all sizes from small, privately owned to even established ones.


We understand that moving an office in whole can be very tricky and can lead to you loosing clients because of the move. That is why we have developed concise systems which will guide you make your move without disrupting your business.

From the moment you contact us to help you make any move we ensure that we attach a representative to assist you go through every minute details of your intended move. Make sure that you furnish us with all the details so that we can give you a comprehensive estimate. This is to ensure that there is accountability on our part. We do not like to play underhand games with clients, so whenever a client request a specific service that is what we will offer.

Below are some of the commercial moving services being offered;

Business and office moving.-Choose our office relocation programs for the most efficient, organized move that minimizes downtime and maintains productivity levels. Medical Equipment.-Entrust us with the secure medical equipment shipping services you need for transporting this sensitive equipment. We transport thousands of medical equipment shipments each year, ensuring we have the expertise needed for these high-value products.

Electronic Moving – We provide electronic moving services for the transport of your sensitive electronic equipment. We can move entire computer systems or just a few stand-alone pieces, depending on your specific needs.

Warehouse Services.-Store your goods in our secure, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities with our flexible and cost-effective storage programs.

You can rest assured knowing that Affordable Aliso Viejo Movers will get your important office records and necessities transported in no time, so you can get back to what matters most, and that is business!

Tips for moving your company successfully

Make sure to involve your employees

It is always important that you involve your employees on the entire decision making about the intended move. You can conduct a survey and let them give their thoughts about what they like about the old office and what you should change to give the new office a wonderful working experience. This will save you frustrations when employees start to get bored about the new working place. Get input on how you should furnish the new office and create a wonderful ambience for them to work.

Contact a moving company

If you do not have resources to move effectively make sure to contact a moving company to come and help with your moving situation. They have experience in commercial moves and will get down to business to help you device a plan for your move. This will also help you avoid all the stress that comes with commercial moving. The moving company will come with packing materials and supplies so you do not have to worry about anything. They will pack your belongings load them onto trucks and drive them to your new location. You can opt for a full service move where you are offered all the services under moving which include packing/unpacking, loading/unloading and assembly services. You can contact us for information about full service moves.

Label you Boxes Clearly

Because office documents and facilities are sensitive in nature it is important that you label the boxes clearly. Instead of traditional labels you can use QR codes so as to maintain the privacy the documents deserve.

Segment your move into stages

It is important that you segment your move into different stages. You can begin by moving the none-essential services to your new location and work your way back to the essential services. This is to help your customers to access your vital services even when on the move.

Inform your clients of your intended move

Make sure that you inform your customers that you intend to move. You can have pamphlets printed out and handed over to the customers after being served.